Administrative &
operationnal assistance

Support for the international carriers not based in DRC

We support the international carriers through our advanced assistance mechanism (antcipatively and or at the trucks arrival at the entry port of the congolese territory on among others the Administrative formalities (Entry coupon, entry card payment, Transcom formalities, Go-pass, the driver’s visa, packing payment, toll gate..…) The medical,mechanic, security and financial assistance to drivers who are on DRC territory.

Placement & help in qualified staff recruitment

The optimization of the supply Chain may significantly reduce the operational costs of a company in order to increase its competitiveness on the market. Caplaine allows you to avoid this kind Costs by availing the qualified logistics staff. Their capacity to understand your strategic and financial challenges as well as the professionnal experience and their internal training allow you to get expected desired operational result.

Subscription and complet management of the IB license

We make possible the best management of your subscription to the IB License (Opening,follow up, clearing, closing) through your Commercial Bank in harmony with the exchange regulation.

Trade of the industrial products

We allow the offer to meet the request at the best conditions by creating the link between our privileged network of the suppliers and their potential clients. We negotiate the price, the quantity and the quality of a certain number of industrial products for our partners and their suppliers.

Training in supply chain and insurances

Our Training Centre,aproved by the congolese government offers the proffessional training in supply chain and Insurrences, two complementary areas taking into consideration the new legislation which regulate the activities of certain economic operations. We train them according to different activities, stakeholders, entities legal measure and concerned procedures by the import and export of goods operations (by focusing on the customs regulations).

Regulations watch, workshops & conferences

With a view to contribute to the improvement of the business climate in DRC, Caplain has as mission to transmit to economic operators, all the legislative and regulatory development which have the significant impsct on their activities.Thus,we organise the workshops, Debate and the conferences on a regular basis in order to inform our clients on the new lawa in force, on the necessity to comply with them and exchange their different claims.