Tax & customs advice 

Meticulous control

Our Tax follow up consists of doing meticullous control of the tax declaration and the corresponding justifications. A large number of tax adjustment are established because of the absence of supporting documents of legal and tax nature. Our intervention aims to highlight the formal lacks and regularize them.

We also examine the tax risk by considering the tax and non tax levies to which the client is subjected. The interest consists of assessing the financial risk incurred on the tax and non tax revenue unpaid by the client, and this in order to adjust the irregularities.

The control may result also on too much paid to public treasury needs the implamentation of the tax optimization (Request for relief).

In-depth customs audits to prevent reports

However, to ensure the legal and financial security of the import and export operations made by our clients, we conduct the deep customs audit on the strict respect of the customs Administrative formalities as required by the customs code, mining code, investment code, the Ministerial decrees as well as the customs instructions. The interest consists on one hand to prevent the customs munites and on the other hand, to manage the open litigation Minutes fo our clients in order to close or also get the classification without continuation aiming to remove the financial risk encurred by our clients

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