Looking for authenticity and discovery? The Democratic Republic of Congo unveils its jewels.

Fertile soil, rich in natural resources…

The Democratic Republic of Congo has abundant mineral resources (coltan, diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese…), wildlife (gorillas, okapis…) and a very rich flora and fertile soil offering immense agricultural possibilities.

Modern cities become tourist highlights

The economic, political and cultural centres of the country that make up the major cities of the DRC are full of contrasts, where high-rise residential areas, exclusive businesses, universities and military camps coexist side by side. The largest, the capital Kinshasa, constitutes a strategic transport hub and hosts the main institutional buildings of the country.

A country of history and heroes

It is in the DRC that the world witnessed one of the most famous boxing matches ever held. Known as the “Rumble in the Jungle” it showcased George Foreman versus Mohamed Ali.

Authentic and ancestrial cultures…

Although colonisation had an effect on lifestyles, the Democratic Republic of Congo still contains a large diversity of ethnic groups with their traditional costumes and cultures.

Wild and fascinating nature

In addition to being the second large rainforest in the world, the DRC has many national parks, with exceptional flora and fauna that make up the world’s largest reserve. The great gorilla, the elephant, the antelope and the okapi are amongst the most emblematic animals of the country.

Success in the DRC? From now on it’s easy!