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Being a less industrialized country, the Democratic Republic of Congo may manufacture some goods consumed locally, but the imports of goods have a crutial characteristics. in its economic model. And the export of goods represents a weak percentage if compared to the imports because they are essentially linked to its basement richness (copper, cobalt, gold,…) and some agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, wood…)

The imports and exports activities are regulated and framed by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the customs regulations which comprise many legal texts such as: The customs Code, mining Code,Investments Code,Tracability manual…

The Administrative formalities related to the supply chain management” in the Democratic Republic of Congo require a real knowledge and mastering of all the regulations requirements, because the no respect of the regulation in this matter is particularily punished through the Minutes in customs matters (by the Drection Generale des Douanes et Accises), in fiscal matters (by the Direction Generale des Impots), in no fiscal revenue matters,(by Direction Generale des Recettes Administrativrs, judiciaires, Domaniales et de Participation),in exchange regulations matters, by the Central Bank Of Congo).

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Caplaine Consulting offers you two well organised services guaranteeing you:

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Our services

Fiscal and customs advice

We support the companies through the following services:
• Customs dispute resolution with the government Administration
• The Customs Audit
• Fiscal and no fiscal assessment of the customs risk
• Identification of the dysfunction and proposition of the corrective measures based on the customs regulations
• Support, orientation et obtaining of the DRC Customs regulation required authorizations

Administrative and Operational Assistance

We offer the services to the Companies through the following areas:
• Support of the international carriers who are not based in DRC
• Placement & Help in qualified staff recrutment
• Subscription and complet management of the IB license
• Trade in industrial products
• Traing in the supply chain (as well as in the DRC customs regulations) and inssurances
• Regulatory watch, workshops and conferences

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