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Your procurement and supply chain management expert

Your company’s ability to efficiently manage its supply chain is crucial in reducing their overall costs, allowing you to remain competitive in the business landscape.

Here at Caplaine, we allow clients to get closer to their markets by procuring and ensuring the efficient and effective flow of resources from their origin to their final destination. By guaranteeing the most valuable products, at the most competitive conditions, and by operating safe and integrated logistics services on behalf of our customers, we create value for our customers by increasing their operational efficiency while staying focused on their core business. Our agents, when they aren’t from the ranks of our State-approved training facility, have many years of experience behind them in Procurement and Logistics in major Transport and Equipment multinational companies. Caplaine offers a wide range of products and industrial goods, and responds to clients’ related logistical needs such as:

• Buying Import Goods Insurance by Designating Best Insurance Companies
• Opening, Monitoring & Closing of Import Licenses through Your Commercial Bank
• Execution of administrative Procedures by Designating Best Customs Agencies
• Transport of Goods by Designating Best Freight Companies

An end-to-end service that covers all procedures and operations related to the procurement of your goods.

Our services

Our expertise puts you on the road to success!


We provide end-to-end assistance to our clients for their logistical operations. We plan, implement and control the efficient flow and storage of goods between their point of origin and their place of consumption in order to meet our customers’ requirements.


An optimized Supply Chain can significantly reduce a company’s costs and accelerate its production cycle, allowing it to remain competitive in the business landscape. If one link breaks down in the Supply Chain, it can greatly affect the rest of the chain and be costly, that is why Caplaine matches your company with top logistical talents. Their ability to understand your strategic and financial goals, coupled with their extensive field experience and in-house training help drive your business’ desired results.


Our training facility is approved by the national Ministry for Superior Education and offers courses in Supply Chain Management & Insurance, as the recent regulatory changes governing most industries have made them complementary. We train future experts on the different activities, people, entities, measures and procedures pertaining to import and export operations.


In order to improve the Congolese business environment, Caplaine has given itself the mission to provide economic operators with the regulatory evolutions that significantly affect their business. It is in this framework that we regularly organize workshops, roundtables and conferences in order to inform our clients and partners on the new laws, the necessity to abide by them and gather their opinions in this regard.


We connect supply and demand by facilitating trade between our networks of trusted suppliers and clients, guaranteeing them the best conditions when considering their price, quality, quantity, time and location requirements. We source and deliver the staples that fuel our clients’ operations and underpin world economies at the best rates and conditions.


As importers are ultimately responsible for any missing information or errors in their customs compliance. As such, we help our clients avoid penalties and undue duty costs by ensuring the correct interpretation of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to imported goods, valuation and application of trade agreements and tax exemptions.

Success in the DRC made easy !