Supply chain & insurance training academy
certified by DRC department of “travail, emploi et prévoyance sociale”

Our training facility is approved by the national Ministère du Travail, Emploi et Prévoyance Sociale and offers courses in Supply Chain Management & Insurance, as the recent regulatory changes governing most industries have made them complementary. We train future experts on the different activities, people, entities, measures and procedures pertaining to import and export operations.

Our support is fully personalized, our trainings are mobile with a wide range of content options.

Wether you are a mining company, a mining subcontractor, a sole proprietorship or a commercial company with a regular imports or exports in the DRC, Caplaine trainings help you to optimize your performance, avoid customs dispute, reduce your operating costs and increase your knowledge of supply chain management with the specificities of the Congolese practice.

How does our training offer work??

Together, we define your needs, then plan schedule according to your availabilities. Finally, our experts provide in-situ training in your offices for a full immersion in your environment.

Made of 60% of practical cases taken from real issues encountered in logistics/customs field in the DRC, Caplaine trainings allow you to quickly acquire measurable high level skills. 40% of the training time is dedicated to theory (procedures and customs legislation in the DRC) related to supply chain management..

In order to insure you sharing and also the good practice of the knowledge you acquired, we carry out via our training tool (modern software) a follow-up (to define duration) to measure of your agents who have received the training.

Finally, beyond our company, Caplaine is a long-term dream. A hope for the Congolese, a pan-African pride based on knowledge.

We are specialists in:

• Supply chain management & logistic
• Operational management
• Business English (business oriented in the field of logistics)

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